Family firms have special characteristics and abilities that make them stand out in a crowd. You might think of these qualities as family enterprise superpowers. During times of intense disruption, 凯时k66在线首页可以利用自己的超能力为未来打造实力——而不仅仅是为自己, but for all who depend upon them. As former 芝加哥 Mayor Rahm Emanuel, paraphrasing Winston Churchill, advises: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” 

强大的凯时k66在线首页之所以能在几代人之间取得成功,是因为他们有决心和能力在逆境中成长. They reinvent their businesses when industries change. They harvest and redeploy assets in family offices as good stewards of what they have been given. They create foundations to direct their wealth into important initiatives that benefit us all. These are the results of special characteristics shared by 凯时k66在线首页 around the world.

The following special characteristics (AKA superpowers) characterize many Family Firms:

  • Caring, involved presence in large and small communities, where the family enterprise supports local hospitals, 公园, religious and arts organizations as well as numerous individuals and families. 
  • Long-term time frame 这使得凯时k66在线首页察觉到并追求卓越业绩的机会,而这些机会往往被那些被迫短期表现的上市公司所忽视或忽视, quarter-to-quarter results.
  • 遗留值 guiding decision-making, which allows 凯时k66在线首页 to make decisions and take actions that place moral, ethical and human considerations as important  priorities.
  • Contrarian strategies 凯时k66在线首页之所以追求这些,是因为他们能够感知到服务和创新(以及盈利能力)的机会!) that are invisible to others.
  • /和思考 凯时k66在线首页发展出一种解决棘手问题的卓越能力,并能找到将家庭和企业优先考虑的方法, employee safety and critical operations, care for the individual and care for the community.

Each of these superpowers offer tremendous support and wisdom in times of crisis.

Islands of Calm in a Storm of Uncertainty

When family firm leaders state their commitment to the long haul, it’s not just empty words, it’s their proven way of operating. When they say they will continue to be guided by their legacy values, they have decades of history backing up their claims. When they sit down to navigate seemingly impossible dilemmas, they have generations of experience addressing similar tensions successfully. 这不是第一次,也不是最后一次,他们将用新的方法来解决看似无法解决的问题. 在困难时期, 凯时k66在线首页, long known in their communities for bold and successful action, can be sources of inspiration and reassurance for a range of stakeholders.

Many of our clients are in critical industries such as food, 基础设施, housing and medicine, and they are continuing to operate during this crisis. We hear that they are swamped and challenged beyond anything they’ve experienced before. 其他公司则被迫关门,让员工回家,却不知道何时或如何重新开业. Many are committed to continuing to pay loyal staff as long as possible. Others have continued to provide health insurance to furloughed staff. 为了维持运营和就业,一些公司削减了自己的短期所有权利益. Whatever the details of the situation, 所有这些组织都有利益相关者向他们寻求关于下一步将发生什么以及如何管理下一步的信息.

In their words and actions, 在这场风暴中,凯时k66在线首页的领导人和所有者有机会成为关爱和平静的孤岛. As they take the podium, craft the email message, 打开缩放呼叫, or speak directly to anxious community members, these leaders can draw support and wisdom from their unique family enterprise superpowers.


  • 建立固定的沟通时间和格式,以便在不可预测的情况下建立可靠的沟通方式. Consider a weekly or even daily call or email to stakeholders. 我们的一个客户每天早上都要举行30分钟的站立会议, to provide updates and presence for a workforce working remotely for the first time.
  • Set a tone of calm, hope and practicality, combined with realism and honesty. Include stories and images as well as facts and numbers. Speak to people’s head and hearts, in a way that is optimistically realistic. Inspire with lessons from your history that demonstrate proven competence.
  • Draw a clear line between your actions and your stated values. Although the connection is obvious to you, it may need to be made explicit to others.
  • When communicating with family shareholders, 强调私人化的特殊优势,以及你从长远角度考虑的方式. Share the actions and accomplishments of the leadership team, whether it’s in the Family Office or operating business, 向老板, especially those that may be dependent on dividend streams to support their lifestyle. 
  • 利用现有的家庭委员会或其他家庭治理结构来支持家庭沟通和团结. Your Family Council can help organize ways to keep family members in closer touch with each other. 不积极参与企业经营或治理的股东可能会对企业怀有深厚的感情,希望从远方给予支持. 家族议会可藉此机会,让家族成员表达他们对正在处理这一危机中棘手问题的企业或家族理财室领袖的支持和感激.

Stay Strong to Stay Calm

你只能利用你的超能力,如果你花时间照顾自己,让自己强壮, 平静和健康. It appears that this crisis is not a sprint, it is a marathon. 以下是一些我们看到其他人为了长期保持强大和积极而采取的具体行动:

  • Prioritize physical exercise, 定期冥想, time in nature and/or other spiritual practice so you can be stay grounded and strong for others. This article has basic instruction on mindfulness for family business leaders.
  • Even as you respond to emerging, 紧急的要求, do your best to preserve time and attention for the long term. Continue your work on important/not urgent issues such as mentoring future leaders, drawing lessons from the current situation and spending quiet time with loved ones.
  • Whatever lifts your spirits, makes you smile or laugh – make time for it! 寻找小的机会停下来,对此刻一切顺利的事情心存感激. Make a quick phone call to someone that will give you an encouraging, loving response. 尽可能多地用积极的、充满活力的思想和形象来滋养你的内心世界.

Treasuring Each Day, a Personal Note

Teach us to treasure each day, that we may open our hearts to Your wisdom.

This beautiful interpretation of Psalm 90.12 popped into my mind during my morning meditation this week, and I knew it was a key to finding some peace and grounding during this difficult time. 我意识到,我一直在定期采取一些简单的行动,以控制全球流行病带来的压力和焦虑. Although none of them are brand-new or earth shaking, perhaps collecting them in one place would be helpful. 所以,是:


Can you use your mind for good? If you can be aware of what is in your mind, you can regularly nudge your mind in a positive direction. Over the past weeks, (inspired by teaching from 大师南路) I’ve been revisiting times when I felt strong, happy and supported. 当我的孙子睡觉时,我抱着他,看着我的孩子和他们的配偶一起做饭,或者在海边徒步旅行. I fill my mind and body with those happy memories. I feel a smile come to my face and positive energy floods my body. 

Alternatively, I’ve been visualizing future events that I’m looking forward to. I image the whole family gathered next Thanksgiving, happy and healthy around a table groaning with food. I imagine stepping off the plane to visit my family in Berlin, sharing hugs and kisses after this long separation. Once again, I am filled with happiness. I feel stronger and more capable to manage whatever is coming my way.


Our extended family has a weekday zoom call during lunchtime. Different people drop in on different days, stay as long as they can, then drop off. We are located all over – Berlin, 奥克兰, 伊利诺斯州南部, 芝加哥, 芝加哥郊区, but online we come together very easily. I see the grandkids light up when they see the faces of their aunts, 叔叔, cousins and grandparents, even if just for 5 minutes. These calls offer stability and connection for all of us.  We have no fixed structure, 但仅仅是看到对方的脸,听到对方的声音就能产生支持和滋养.


Finally, I make time to be quiet and still every day. Because I’ve had a meditation practice for many years, it comes fairly easily. In stillness, I can hear my heart beating, and know this is a miracle. 静悄悄地,我能听见炉子踢开的声音,也能感激春寒里它的温暖. When I’m sitting on my meditation cushion, 我可能会感到难过, 或焦虑, 或孤独, but as I remain still and calm in the midst of those swirling emotions, they usually lessen and eventually release. What’s left is a simple feeling of being alive, 呼吸, in this wonderful moment.

A few great resources for these challenging times:

迪克·阿克塞尔罗德, 谁在芝加哥大学格雷厄姆专业研究学院教授危机领导力课程威胁与应对管理硕士课程 great wisdom to share on his website.

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Thanks to my colleague, Chris Eckrich, for helpful ideas on this article!