A unique strength of family businesses is that they often focus as much on the triumphs and challenges of generations past as their aspirations for generations to come. Many family companies see anniversaries as opportunities to reflect on their history and values.


“It is easy to take for granted and overlook the ‘secret sauce’ that makes up a family enterprise’s competitive advantage,艾米·舒曼解释道, FBCG高级顾问. “它看起来如此明显,如此普遍,以至于给特别的东西命名几乎是愚蠢的. 但后来, 随着一代又一代的逝去, 也同样不可能记住什么是如此特别的. 所以,保留故事,小细节,细节,非常重要.”

The ways families commemorate their milestones and preserve their history are as unique as the businesses they steward. 我们收集了一些受客户家庭启发的想法:

  • 建立一个基金会
  • 创建博物馆展览
  • 请一位历史学家写一本书
  • 策划重要事件和当前公司事件的照片展示
  • 制作一个家庭成员访谈视频, 公司成立的历史照片和故事
  • 与员工、特殊客人和社区成员一起举办聚会
  • 制作限量版周年纪念产品
  • 通过视频捕捉年轻一代对年长一代的采访
  • 每五年给员工拍一张“集体照”




As we approached FBCG’s 25th anniversary, we believed that our history warranted recording. It was our intent from our founding that we would seek to build an independent organization that would stand far beyond our tenure. Reaching a quarter century and within sight of a complete turnover of ownership and leadership within the organization, 我们认为我们的目标已经实现,值得庆祝. 不仅仅是祝贺自己, 然而, we wanted the anniversary to provide perspective and understanding for successor generations who would be carrying FBCG forward. 为此,我自愿编写我们的历史.


刚开始的时候,我不知道我的努力会以什么样的形式出现. 但当我仔细思考我们的故事并收集我能找到的所有信息时, 我意识到我有一本书要写. I also recognized that the history should reflect experiences of the scores of people involved over the years. 我邀请大家为这一努力做出贡献, to share how they had become members of FBCG and about their experiences in the organization and what it meant to them. 在某些情况下, I asked specific individuals to write about specific episodes in which they had direct involvement. 我负责整个故事的叙述, 编辑所有提交, 把所有的碎片编织在一起. Karen King是我们FBCG的员工, 从我们的文件中收集信息(每月财务报告), 董事会议程和会议记录, 我们的管理负责人报告, 还有其他看起来有用的东西, 还有照片, 文档, 商标和其他艺术作品),并协调最终的编辑和制作.

有二十多位同事的贡献, 过去和现在, 不仅丰富了成果,也提供了多种声音和观点. It prompted our selection of the book’s title and allowed us accurately to describe it as “An Autobiography,由该组织为该组织写的关于该组织的文章.

虽然我们没有把所有的骨架都挖出来, 我们的目的是对我们的旅程进行诚实的评估. We pride ourselves on our transparency and the record of our history should be no different. We sought not only to talk about our values but hoped writing would exemplify our values of inclusiveness, 机会, 精英, 平等, 质量, 专业, 慷慨, 同情, 以及对彼此的承诺, FBCG, 特别是, 我们的客户.

这本书在我们2019年8月25周年全事务所会议之前完成. 文字记录(只限文字, not the book) was emailed to all members of the firm as required reading before the meeting so that we could use the material as a case study for in-depth discussion over two days. 结果是对我们是谁有了更全面的了解, 我们所代表的, 我们是怎么来的, 我们已经成为, 我们要去哪里. 书本身, 所有152页与大量的图片和插图, 在会议上分发了吗, 联合创始人约翰·沃德和我签署的.

我承认在写作上做了大量的工作, 编辑和审查, 以及这本书的出版. 我发现这种努力对我个人来说是有意义和令人满意的. We used only internal resources and found an economical print-on-demand publishing alternative that kept direct costs very low.

The result is an attractive, comprehensive, readable resource that will serve as long as FBCG lives. 也许, our organization’s life will be better and longer now that it has its own “Bible” for reference, 指导, 也许还能给你一点灵感.


首席顾问Stephanie Brun de Pontet分享她的FBCG之旅

The Family Business Consulting Group team gathered to celebrate 25 years of service and collaboration at our quarterly meeting in Chicago this past August. One of the highlights of our time together was a twilight river cruise aboard Chicago’s First Lady, 第四代, 家族拥有的公司. The evening was filled with sharing memories from our past and toasts to the future marked with lots of laughter and a few tears in between. 当我们回顾我们的旅程, we were most humbled to grow and learn from the families we’ve had the honor of serving over the past 25 years.

一如既往的我们的文化倡导者, FBCG联合创始人约翰•沃德(John Ward)在对我们团队的反思中总结得很好:

我骄傲地向你致敬.  25年:一代人的时间,哇!





25 years of serving 2500 clients and likely 25,000 family members and 500,000 stakeholders;

25 years of contributing knowledge to our youthful field; and






We promote giving back;  and


We’ve been so privileged to learn from some of the most remarkable people and ingenious enterprises of all time.  我们很荣幸能与他人以及子孙后代分享这种学习.  我真的相信我们,我们所有人,已经产生了持久的影响.