Deciding when and how to transition your business is not an easy choice to make. Deciding to transition the business to a family member can make that choice even cloudier.

There are several tools to make bringing the next generation into the business a bit more seamless. 例如, 家庭就业政策是一项明确列出加入凯时k66在线首页的期望和要求的工具. “Family employment policy” may sound formal and intimidating, 当在现实中, 它消除了企业转型过程中出现的一些压力,为下一代的成功奠定了基础. 在基本层面上, 这是一项关于下一代发展和他们参与凯时k66在线首页的一般原则和指导方针的协议. 它只是一个路线图. A sound family employment policy addresses the following key areas.


首先,界定谁符合家庭成员的资格,从而将被家庭就业政策覆盖. Some families choose to define a family member as all shareholders, 配偶, 儿童和合法收养的儿童. Others require a family member to be a lineal descendent of the founder or any of their 配偶, 国内合作伙伴, 孩子们, 等. Each family is unique and has a different make-up. The definition of a family member should mirror that.


许多家庭发现,在进入凯时k66在线首页工作之前,要求家族成员花时间在凯时k66在线首页之外工作,可以导致下一代取得巨大的成功. Gaining this outside experience opens family members up to how other business’ function and operate. They are held accountable by a supervisor who isn’t related to them, and get the chance to spread their wings on their own — without familial influence. While working outside of the business isn’t always a realistic option or desire of the family, 这是一个宝贵的学习机会.

有些家庭还必须满足最低的教育要求,才有资格就业, 围绕业务需求进行设计. 这可以是一个技术或传统大学的学位或专业认证或荣誉,如管道工人卡或专业工程许可证. 无论具体的要求是什么, 重要的是,要尽早做出决定,而且要透明,这样下一代才能清楚地了解对他们的期望.

其他凯时k66在线首页则为下一代创建教育课程,作为就业前发展过程的一部分,以确保他们的家庭成员能够获得成为企业成功贡献者所需的知识和技能. 可能会有专门的时间来讨论家族历史,企业成立的原因,以及企业发展到今天的历程. It may include information on what the business does, 它的竞争对手是谁, industry trends and an introduction to the company’s strategic plan. 可能会有关于基本财务的会议, 沟通, 解决冲突的技能, 信托及遗产规划.

There should also be an overview of the family’s governance structures. 而下一代可能没有参与制定计划,比如家庭就业政策, they should understand why such guidelines were implemented and what it means for them.


将薪酬结构作为家庭就业政策的一部分,有助于保持薪酬公平,避免武断地决定谁挣多少. As much as parents may try, being completely objective when determining a child’s pay is not easy. 提前为家庭成员的收入设定一些参数,这样做就不会让情绪影响到这个决定.

However, each family business varies on how they view compensation. 它可能基于公平的市场价值,或者与具有类似工作职责的非家庭雇员相比具有竞争力. 另一些人则选择给家庭成员一些额外的补偿,期望他们承担更多的所有权责任,并且付给他们比非家庭成员更多的报酬.


为凯时k66在线首页工作, most companies require members of the next generation to apply for an open position with real roles, 责任和问责制. It is often stated that positions will not be created just for family members. Though, once again, each family business is different. 有些家庭更喜欢更开放的方式, such as guaranteeing at least an entry level position for every interested family member.


一旦家族成员进入企业, it is recommended to have them work under a nonfamily supervisor. 这可以提供公正的反馈,并确保家庭成员与非家庭成员的员工遵守相同的标准和审查. 为一位非家庭导师工作,而不是父母或亲戚,会在家庭成员和非家庭成员之间培养更信任的关系, 除了业务能力的发展.

To avoid confusion and frustration, a clear path for growth and development should be set. Be realistic and transparent about the skills needed, degrees required and milestones achieved to take on management and leadership responsibilities.


How will your business handle a family member that is not performing? Are family members held to the same standards as nonfamily employees? 解雇任何一个员工都不是件容易的事. Add in the family element and it gets even more challenging. 有一个明确的程序来终止家庭雇员的工作,将会减轻不得不这样做的压力.

如果一位家族成员认为凯时k66在线首页不适合自己,想去别处找工作,那该怎么办呢? 早在下一代人加入公司之前,就为自愿辞职制定一个“退出计划”,这与自愿辞职同样重要.


Who will ensure these policies are followed and amended as necessary? Establishing who is responsible for enforcing the terms of the family employment policy is crucial, particularly in businesses that do not have a board or a family council. Some families choose to hold each other accountable as a means for enforcement. 有些使用某种委员会, 由非家庭成员和家庭成员组成,执行和管理下一代家庭成员的雇佣.

Different types of employment may have different guidelines, though. 例如, 全职工作可能有一个政策, another for part-time and another for seasonal employment as well as internships.

将潜在的下一代凯时k66在线首页领导人纳入凯时k66在线首页可能既费力又令人担忧. Using tools such as a family employment policy can go a long way in clarifying the expectations, guidelines and conditions for joining the business. 最主要的目标是让下一代家族成员尽可能顺利地进入企业,并为持续的成功提供基础.

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