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Dec 25, 2012

I think the greatest hinderance to any kind of spiritual growth in the knowledge of the Truth is simply a closed mind. The I know I am right because my Momma and my Grand momma taught me does not allow one to examine any further elements of doctrine or Theology or Truth. Never mind what history and the Bible have to say, " I am right and no one is going to change my mind." Sad, but many are plagued by this mentality.

The idea that a loving God would send most of His children from
Adam on to an ever burning and torturing 'hell fire' is a concept that did not originate in the original translations of scripture. This was never taught in the early Christian church for 500 years. And NEVER taught in the Old Testament Hebrew scriptures. Yet, it today is a concept that many, if not most, Christians have. If our mind is made up about this and 'closed', then no amount of study of HOW this came into the Christian church in the late 300's and early 400's A.D. is going to change one's mind.

No original scriptures of the early Latin and the Greek Septuigant contained the words "hell" or "eternal torment" or "eternal punishment". These were added by Saint Jerome between 382 and 405 A.D. when he translated the new version of the Bible known as the Latin Vulgate. With St. Augustine and the Roman Emperor Justinian making this translation and the concept of HELL the official teaching and position of the church and the Roman Empire (550 A.D.) it would now be taken as "truth" and the world would be deceived by it.

But a closed mind will not hear of the Truth. "I am right, hell is real and bad people are burning there forever..." What about you? Are you brave and mature enough to look into this subject for yourself and thereby make your mind up by facts not fables? I have written an entire book explaining the Adoption and Inclusion of ALL of humanity into the family of God made possible by Jesus Christ. This book is ALL OVER THE WORLD. Many Theologians, such as Dr.C.Baxter Kruger continually write on this subject. This Theology is beginning to SWEEP the entire world. Don't keep a closed mind if you have one. Open it up to understanding The Holy Spirit desires to give you.

Best wishes and God Bless,

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