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Aug 21, 2010

When The Triune God decided to make mankind, see Genesis 1:26-27, He determined that He would have man live inside of His life forever. He wanted humans inside of His Triune life upon whom He would lavish His love. Ephesians Chapter one is about how God chose humanity IN Jesus to be Adopted and Included in His life forever. You and I were included in that decision at that time. You had NO CHOICE. All humans were included and none had a choice either. God simply did this for His good pleasure and in His will.

When Adam and Eve sinned by taking of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which brought misery, suffering and DEATH on them and their human family--see I Cor.15:22, now not only did Jesus have to come to create UNION between the human family and the Triune God, He had to now come to provide ATONEMENT, forgiveness and sacrifice for the sins of the whole world and all humans, AND, even the entire Cosmos was redeemed and reconciled in the blood of Jesus. ( See Colosians 1:19-20).
The entire Cosmos and humanity had become lost through sin. Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost and He did. ( Luke 19:10). And, yes mankind was lost and dead in the first Adam, but in Jesus Christ the same mankind was made ALIVE! (I Cor.15.22)

We simply did not have a vote. We had no choice in the matter. God loved us all to much to allow us to have a choice. Salvation is His idea, not ours. It is because of His great love for us His children that He devised this plan in the first place.

So, we ALL are bought by God with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus saved all of humanity 2000 years ago and in His resurrection and ascension took all of us to the right hand of the Father in Heaven. ( See Ephesians 2:6). Again, you nor I had a choice in the matter. The blessings and joy in this eternal relationship with the Triune God will be beyond our wildest dreams. We will inherit ALL things including the entire Cosmos/Universe.(Hebrews 2:5-8). Life will never end. The abundant life Jesus brought will continue on forever. God is Good. So Good in fact we can not fathom His Goodness.

There is one caveat to all of this. You nor I had a choice in this matter, but in order for us to experience this inheritance we MUST BELIEVE who we are IN Jesus and what He has done TO, FOR, IN and THROUGH all of humanity. If we refuse to believe it thus denying our position in the Father's plan there is no way we can experience "Heaven" and only then a 'hellish' existence of being outside the party in Heaven will be one's lot.

Again, you have no choice as to whether or not this is so, it is so! But you do have the option of believing it or not. I pray you will BELIEVE.

For more information on this subject, go to WWW.GCI.ORG.

Blessings to all,

Paul Kurts

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