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Apr 24, 2011

Today is Easter Sunday.  Why is Easter , ie, the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important for you and me?  Why is it so important for non believers as well as believers?   Why is it so important for people of faiths other than Christian and for people of no particular faith and even atheists?

Conditional salvation from Western philosophy would say that one has to accept Jesus as saviour to be saved.  Or, that one has to be a Christian in order to be saved.  We might note that followers of Jesus were not even called Christians at first.  Later the church at Antioch coined that name.

Scripture tells us that God's redemption and reconciliation was for ALL humanity. Jn.3:16 says, that God so loved the world. Not some select few.   And that Jesus died for all humans from Adam forward.  I Cor.15:22. Romans 5:18-19. 

It is the resurrection of Jesus that has given us NEW BIRTH into a living hope and into an inheritance that can never die reserved in heaven for all of us. See  IPeter 1:3-4.  All have been taken to the Father's right hand by Jesus and in Jesus. Eph.2:6.  

Paul preached the cross and the power of the resurrection of Jesus because it was so wonderfully important to all humanity -- YOU included.   Sin has been defeated.  Satan has been defeated.  Death has been defeated.  Jesus lives.  He is RISEN.  And WE are RISEN with Him.

That is why the resurrection of Jesus and EASTER is so important to all of mankind.  And you DON'T  have to believe it to make it so.  It IS so.

God simply loves you and the death and resurrection of Jesus proves it!

God Bless and HAPPY EASTER!


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