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Apr 17, 2010

Jesus came to this earth to FORGIVE sin. ALL Sin of fallen humanity. The Good News is that this means YOUR sins...ALL of them. Now here is what it would be like for you if you 100% believed this.

You would believe Jesus Forgave (past tense) all of your sins at the Cross by becoming The Sinner of your sins for you. II Cor.5:21. What this means is that on your part sins are not accounted to you they are accounted to the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world. Some call this process the Great Exchange. That Jesus exchanges His righteousness for our unrighteousness and therefore the Father is able to look at us as sinless, Holy, blameless, pure, without spot or blemish and righteousness sharing in Jesus' own righteousness. We stand in this position before God the Father "in perpetuity". Permanently. Forever. Do you believe this? Probably not 100%. Now what that means is what follows.

By NOT seeing who we are in Jesus and believing what He has done to us, and for us, and in us, and through us we suffer from the darkened mind we inherited from father
Adam. We doubt, we of course sin, we are burdened with shame and guilt and we suffer needlessly. It simply boils down to our personal lack of faith.

So how does one increase this faith which we all lack in? Answer: By believing what we are told in scripture. God loves us. He wants to live with us forever. He gave His Son Jesus to make payment for the perfection of His plan to have ALL humanity come alive in Jesus and thereby live IN and WITH Him and Jesus and The Holy Spirit FOREVER. Triune God chose all of us before the world was even created and He chose us by NAME--this means YOU personally by name. You have always belonged to God. He blessed us in Jesus and proclaimed our life and salvation in Jesus BEFORE THE WORLD was created. ( Ephesians 1:1-14 ).

When we exercise guilt or shame over our sins we are NOT seeing the Magnitude of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God slain from before the foundation of the world. Rev.13:8.

Can we believe what John tells us in I John 3:5, that in Jesus there is NO SIN?

God simply does not count our sins against us. He is not keeping a list and checking it twice. He forgives sins and forgets them before we ever commit them!!

The more we lift up Jesus and magnify His Name and His Work and His life as the head of the human race which He loves, the more faith we will see in our life and guilt and shame will become a thing of the past.

Thank you Jesus.

Paul Kurts
Madison, AL

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