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Sep 12, 2009

Since Religion, Theology, Philosophy and Cosmology can not be totally disconnected here are some helpful descriptions of various words one will encounter in the overall study of Philosophy.

Philosophy throws around such big sounding words that many, if not most, people become disinterested immediately when hearing these. However, when we look at the basic words and concepts of philosophy in their simplicity they are disarmed as to their ostentation. Here is a brief summary of words one will often hear when philosophy is discussed. Knowing these will allow us to better understand what is being studied.

THEOGONY-- The study of the origin of the ancient Greek Gods ( Roman Gods, etc.

THEOLOGY--The study of God as to beginnings, nature, existence of, etc.

PHILOSOPHY--"Gk" Lover of wisdom". Study of how one should live; Ethics.

ONTOLOGY-- The study of reality and nature of being or existence.

METAPHYSICS--"Gk" After or above physical reality." Study above physical reality; Study of the essential nature.

EPISTEMOLOGY-Genuine knowledge relating to truth and belief.

LOGIC--Correct principles of reasoning.

TRUTH--A combination of belief and proof.

COSMOS--The Universe

COSMOLOGY--The study of the existence of the universe and all in it in relationship.

While there are other terms that relate to the study of these disciplines mentioned here these are a basic starting point for any to begin a study of Who, What, When, Why, and How!

All of these areas can be accessed on the Internet for further explanations. So, happy searching friends and have fun. I did.

Madison, ALabama


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