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Dec 04, 2011


There are some  powerful dynamics being  played out in the Bible and in the plan of God.  One is how we see and understand called subjective understanding, and the other is how the Triune God sees things ultimately throughout the future called  Objective understanding.   We are limited in our understanding as it relates to being inside Time and Space.  We see in the present and we usually see from a perspective of time order and or  dispensationalism as we interpret , or try to interpret, future events or prophecies. 

God is different.  He sees everything in the PRESENT.  Why?  Because He exists outside of time and space. ( He is also in it as well.)  For example.  Paul says that Jesus has already taken us all to the Father's right hand and seated us there. See Eph.2:6.  That is how the Father sees us ultimately. 

We , like Martha  in John 11, would see Lazarus coming up in the resurrection at the last day.  Time order.  But Jesus makes a powerful theological and philosophical statement to her in verse 25 when He says that, " I am the resurrection and the life."  He knows and sees Lazarus being taken up in His own resurrection and the reality of it.  It is a presentness in Jesus mind.

In I Thessalonians 3:13, Paul speaks of Jesus returning WITH all of His saints. ( KJV).  Yet in I Corinthians 15, Paul speaks of the dead in Christ rising first when Christ returns.  So, are the Saints in the heavenly realm with Jesus presently or do they rise out of their graves to meet Jesus when He returns in Glory?  With what has been mentioned earlier, let's take this a little further.

I believe that when a person dies he or she goes instantly to the presence of Jesus Christ in the heavenlies.  With God being outside of time and space and seeing everything in the present the individual's spirit is united with the individuals 'new' body and takes on his or her new glorified human body and is with Jesus.  We participate in Jesus' resurrection, He is our life and He is our resurrection as well.  And, we are given 'new birth' in His resurrection.  See I Peter 1:3-4.

So, Jesus brings His saints with Him when He returns in Glory as                         I Thessalonians 3:13 says.   The physical body comes out of the grave and is united with the glorified body of the saint and now there is only one glorified human body which has been changed from physical only from the grave to glorified only and will live with and within the Triune God eternally.

We simply are conscience after death in the presence of Jesus as Paul talks about in Philippians 1:23.  The saints return With Jesus and unite with a now "resuscitated" body which is permanently Glorified and is forever with Jesus inside the life and existence of the Triune God.

Remember the Plan of God is HIS Plan.  It is for His Good Pleasure as He desires to share His divine nature with all of humanity.  "It is Finished".  It is a done deal, as we say.  Jesus makes it happen for everyone.  God wins.  Jesus wins.  And, We win.

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