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Feb 14, 2009


Recent discussion has centered around Starving children in third world countries and how does Triune care for or does He care at all for these children. The suffering is extreme and it begs the question where is God?

At the expense of seeming cavalier about this question let's look at life and death from God's perspective.

Triune God gives life to humans in order for them to live through out eternity with Him in the joys of relationship. Jesus bridged the gap between God and humanity making this a reality for ALL humans. And all humans have objectively been taken to the Father's right hand with and IN Jesus. From Adam to the last human who will ever be born. ALL.

Triune God does not look at life and death the way we humans do. Death is not the end, but a beginning in His eyes. The beginning of an eternity of relationship inside His life. Human existence is only a few days to seventy or eighty or so years. The only thing required for resurrection is DEATH. So, we all die sooner or later. Then the transition.

Triune has taken care of ALL humanity in Jesus. Look at several scriptural examples of untimely death. God was right there in these circumstances as He is now in all circumstances.

In ancient Israel God had the Israelites kill and destroy the inhabitants of pagan peoples when Israel invaded their areas. God allowed Satan to bring havoc and death to all of Job's children. Herod had all of the male children up to two years old slaughtered after the birth of Jesus. Horrible examples. So, where was Triune God in all of this? What was the lot of these children who suffered and were murdered?
And what about the tens of thousands of Christian martyrs along with children who have been killed over the centuries? Where is God?

In Jesus Christ God has taken care of ALL of His children from Adam forward. I Corinthians 15:22, In Jesus Christ ALL of His children are made alive. All have objectively been taken to the Father's right hand in Jesus. ( Eph.2:6).

In each human's life God has been there. What degree of comfort He has given each dying infant, each infant's mother or martyr we can not say. Only, God is love and He cares for each of His children equally.

He has given life inside of His life to all humans in Jesus through and by the Spirit. He has a wonderful future planned for everyone, dying children in third world countries as well. Pleasures forevermore at His side. He has taken care of ALL of His Kids. You included. Third world starving children included and Adopted too. ( Eph. 1:3-15.).

Remember human earthly life is only for a short period of time. Human earthly existence is only for a short period of time with the purpose to allow all humans to be Adopted into the very life of God and thereby life joyfully forever with Triune God--Father,Son and Holy Spirit--The ONE Great God.

So, God says He is the God of the living and the dead. He has all power over both. The power to give life and the power to resurrect. The power to complete His plan for all of Humanity. He just WINS. And He WINS for EVERYONE. Starving children in third world countries as well.

Paul Kurts

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