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Jun 03, 2009


BANG! BANG! BANG! My last blog addressed the topic of the "Big Bang" theory of the origin of the cosmos. In this one I just want to ask a few questions which need answers that are generated from fair questions. The scientists who accept the Big Bang theory ( and of course not all do) are stumped when these and other questions arise over the dynamics of the Big Bang theory. So let's ask a few. Here goes.

1. Where did the SPACE come from in which the Big Bang occurred?

2. Why didn't the explosion of the tiny "mass" which caused the Big Bang happen before it did?

3. After the "bang", where did all the LAWS come from in which the cosmos operates?
( Fission, Fusion, Gravity, Centrifugal force, Centripetal force, Inertia, Thermodynamics, nuclear reactions, etc. )

4. What caused the vast differences in the cosmos of Black holes, white holes, Galaxy webs, gravity, bright stars, dim stars , etc. ?

5. Why do all of the elements in the Periodic chart relate to each other NUMERICALLY?

6. Why is the speed of light constant at 186,000 mps.?

7. Where did all of the known elements in the cosmos come from? Were they all inside the tiny atom like mass that exploded causing the "big bang"? If not, what caused them all to "form" after the explosion?

8. How did the big bang explosion fill the universe with such precision and order, even being a giant clock accurate to the nano second?

9. Why is there "dark matter" throughout the universe?

10. Is there another explanation for the existence of the universe?

11. Where did life on planet earth come from?

12. Why is the life/eco system so balanced?

13. Why is the micro and the macro universe so mathematically organized. And opposite of each other?

You get the point. When you study the Big Bang Theory in depth, you find that there are a lot of questions which simply go unaddressed. " We do not know." " We can not say." " No one knows." We ASSUME. These are the answers one gets.

One can argue, " In the beginning, God CREATED....IT ALL."

I'll go with that one.


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