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Jan 20, 2013

Paul said in I Cor.2:2, that he desired to know nothing but Jesus and Him crucified. Why would Paul say this? There had been numerous "theologies' extant from time onward with all types of "theologies' and religious ideas even in Paul's day. Old Hebrew mystinisims, cultic believs and practices and other religious postulates were all around. Paul simply says in this passage, ignore them all. Jesus is the way. The Cross is the way. All of these others while they may bear some real truth or believeability, are not constructive or beneficial to the true Gospel that is in Jesus. Yet many have fallen for many of these teachings. Some may be true. Some may not. But the real reality is that in Jesus we need nothing else. Nothing to confuse the issue.

Paul was very familiar with the false pagan teachings of his day. So , he just cuts to the chase and says, "focus on Jesus Christ and Him crucified.: We don't need anything else. We are COMPLETE IN JESUS. God bless, Paul

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