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Sep 28, 2011

Most of us have never even thought to question the validity of the concept of an ever burning and torturing Hell Fire.  I know I didn't.  But just as the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Superman do not exist, when studied, one will find that neither does the punishing condition or place commonly known as Hell.  Radical?  But what about Lazarus and the Rich man, and worms that die not, and smoke that ascends forever and  a Lake of fire, and the like?  Good question with equally good answers. 

I think the place to start in trying to understand Hell is to study to see where the concept started originally.  This study can be done on the Internet by researching such topics as follows:

Zoroastrian Hell

Egyptian Hell

Greek Hell

Plato's Hell

Augustine's Hell

Catholic Hell

Protestant Hell

I have more material on the subject and I will be glad to E:Mail it to you.  Send me a request at   and I will send it to you.

No one can fully appreciate the real LOVE of God if one thinks that our Father in Heaven would capriciously or condemningly  send someone to burn in a torturing fire FOREVER.  Especially when we know that Jesus paid it all for everyone who believes.  Scripture does allow, however, for one who does not accept and believe what Christ did for them to wander around outside the 'gates' of the Holy City forever if they so choose. But the invitation to 'Come in' is forever offered to them as well. ( Rev.22:17).

How hung up on the PAGAN concept of 'hell' are you?  I could write a book on this subject and am doing so.  But, you can study it for yourself just as I have and at least know what other 'theology' is out there that is different than what you may have commonly thought.

Jesus is the TRUTH.  ( Jn.14:6; Eph.4:20).  And he is LOVE for all of God's children and always will be.  Forget Hell.  You are not going there and neither is anyone else.

The GOOD NEWS really is Good News.  For EVERYONE.

God Bless,


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