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May 14, 2012

Well, there comes a time when it is time to let it all hang out as they say. So Here goes. I want to challenge you / us all to look into the topic of Eternal Torment or Hell fire for lost souls, etc. Since we all come from a religious background of Western Theological thought stemming from a Catholic and Greek Mythological bias, it is only understandible from this standpoint that we would accept the concept of an Eternal Burning Hell fire. Amen? But does sripture bear this out?

Let me lose some of you right now. Bias. Prejudice. Preconceived ideas. Past teachings. Whatever. Here it is. THERE IS NO, NO, NO SUCH THING AS AN EVER BURNING HELL FIRE TO TORMENT ANYONE.
WOAAAAA. I repeat this. See it again.

Paganism had this concept centuries before the Christian era. ( Just look up Zorastrian Hell, Egyptian Hell, Greek Hell, Plato's Hell, Plato and purgatory, Etc.

The early church fathers and the early church had no such teaching as to an ever burning torturing hell fire. Origin, Clement and other early church fathers saw all people being saved. They ridiculed the concept of an ever burning eternal torment of any sort.

Augustine in the 5th century saw Platos teachings of an eternal burning Hell fire as something that would tend to keep church members in moral line and therefore put the doctrine into the church.

Justinian claimed this doctrine as the official position of the Empire in the 5th century as the official position of the Catholic Church and placed it in the Roman Empire.

With Jerome translating the Greek Septuigent into the Latin Vulgate with all of the Hell words mistranslated in 382 AD, the concept was rooted now in scripture.

The concept of Hell fire and torment was NEVER taught in the early church for over 500 years. Universal Reconciliation, Universal Redemption and Ultimately Universal Salvation of All Humanity was taught. However, one can refuse that salvataion in Jesus and not experience it although one is actually saved.

The point I want to make here is that God LOVEs all of His children and has declared His plan to save everyone.

So you do not thinK that I have made all of this up , here are some resourses for you to look into. Look into Lazarus and the Rich Man in Tentmaker. Great material. Other things as well.

This is an amazing study. Don't bury your head in the sand. PLease look into this for yourself. Keep your current church. Don't move. Just know the truth for the truth's sake. God Bless,

Paul Kurts

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