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Mar 06, 2010

Let's take a look at a few things that make all of us brothers and sisters in Christ. From acts 17 we know that God made from ONE blood all men, and women, to dwell on the face of the earth. Not only are we all made from ONE blood, we are all descended from one SEED. Amazingly, it has now been proven that all humans on the planet have a common ancestor in one common mother. The scriptures call her EVE. Her created husband was Adam.

So what do we see here? IF all of us came from ONE seed having a common mother then the simple definition of this is called brotherhood. And sisterhood. We all are just simply brothers and sisters.

But there is more. Jesus said in John 14:20 that HE was in the Father, the Father was IN Him and that He was is ALL of us. There is a magnificent connection here between all brothers and sisters, all of humanity on the earth. That connection is in Jesus by the same Spirit since Jesus is in ALL of us and we ALL are in Him, we ALL are somehow IN EACH OTHER. Same common mother, father, Spirit, Jesus, and the Father. There is a human UNITY in all of mankind which is connected by the loving Father who created all of us to be brothers and sisters in Him. A Family if you will.

The father of lies (John 8:44) would have us believe that we are all different. All separated from one another. Class distinction. Race distinction. Country distinction. Religious distinction. All in competition of the survival of the fittest. (Darwin).
But we are not in that competition in Jesus. We are brothers and sisters IN each other for the eternal blessings of being with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit forever. Just living, loving, and enjoying life together forever.

Not only has Jesus connected us to each other, He has bridged the gap between God and humanity and connected us to the eternal Triune God, Forever.

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