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Aug 08, 2008

Look at the Gospel message today from most professing Christians and you will find the message anything but GOOD. Theology which teaches you CAN be saved "if" you accept Jesus as you personal saviour but one which teaches you remain "unsaved" if you don't accept Jesus thereby dooming you to ETERNAL TORTURE in some kind of fire is not really Good News for EVERYONE.

The Gospel is not conditional on our part depending on what we do to make it a reality. This is why so many teach that those who NEVER heard the message of Jesus and did not accept Him in this life time are CONDEMNED to Hell. Hardly the heart of a loving God for all of His children!

But the TRUE Gospel IS GOOD NEWS for EVERYONE. All of Adams children were accepted by Jesus and given new life in Him from the foundation of the world. ( Eph.1:3-14). God's purpose has ALWAYS been to create man and place man in God's family and life. Jesus made it happen for everyone. ( I Cor.15:22). All. Everyone.

For those who believe it and accept this Good News they will live in the Abundant life Jesus promises. FOREVER. The GOOD NEWS really is Good News for ALL.

Lest you think that this is UNIVERSAL SALVATION we are speaking of here, we are NOT.

Sadly, some apparently will not accept and believe this Good News and therefore will not experience the joy of eternal life. They will experience something quite different. But, the OPPORTUNITY is there for everyone to realize.

Salvation in Jesus is an ANNOUNCEMENT, not a challenge or contest for humans. We can believe it or we can choose NOT to believe it. Whether we believe it or not does not make it a reality. It IS a reality for Everyone. The question is, " Will everyone believe it sooner or later?"

Pastor Paul

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