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May 28, 2010

Woah... one thing we need to understand here is that Condemnation and Damnation are NOT the same thing. You argumentative religious hobbyists can go home now!

We read in John 5:29 that those who have 'not done good' come forth to the resurrection of damnation. KJV. Now Wait just a minute. We know that we are all saved in Jesus Christ. By Grace. Not based upon any thing we have done, good or evil. We know that we all... humans.. were chosen by Christ, and in Christ before the foundation or creation of the world. We know that God so loved the world. Jn.3:16.

We know that all of Adam's family are under the curse of death and condemnation by Adam's sin and fall. We simply inherit that penalty. But... we know that in Jesus that death penalty has been overturned and we are accepted into Jesus' life and receive real LIFE IN JESUS. We are transformed from dead to living in Jesus. I cor. 15:22. We know that this applies to ALL living humans who have ever lived. Eph.1:3-14.

We know also that none of us are any longer under any condemnation in Jesus as Romans 8:1 tells us. So we see all are saved and reconciled in Jesus, we are no longer under any condemnation and have passed from death to life, John 5:24, and are alive in Jesus. So what is this damnation all about?

Simply, if one refuses to accept who he or she is in Jesus and what all He has done for them, then by that refusal they simply will continue to live in a state of damnation or self sufficiency and misery and suffering and perishing and weeping and gnashing of teeth for as long as it takes for them to "see the light" and accept who they are in Jesus and come into the party of heaven.

There is NO condemnation in Jesus. The whole world is under condemnation or death due to Adam's sin and fall--I Cor.11:32--but Jesus has released all of humanity from under that death condemnation through belief in Him and Who we all are in Jesus. There is damnation of self choice by those refusing to accept and believe who they are in Jesus, and that denial and suffering can go on forever--and the Bible calls that HELL.

Good News...Huh?

Madison, AL

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