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May 21, 2009

BANG! THE BIG BANG. The heavens declare the glory of God. Not some random disconnected explosion of a tiny particle 12.9 billion years ago somewhere out in space. ( The fartherst star has been measured at 12.9 billion LIGHT years from earth.)

The Milky Way Galaxy in which we live in our Solar System on Earth is some 100 Thousand light years across. ( Or, 6 trillion miles X 100,000 miles !!!). We think this amazing. Yet in space there are giant galaxies, Space Blobs, Galaxy webs--like three dimensional spider webs--which are truly amazing. Astrophysicists have accounted for over 100 Billion galaxies at present with more being discovered every few weeks. Some are over 40 million light years across compared to our 100,000 of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is one of the smallest known.

There are approximately 10 times as many stars in the known universe as there are grains of sand on the earth. Some Giant Red stars would contain millions of our solar System's Sun. Some stars are million/s of times brighter than our own sun.

Wind speeds on some planets in outer space reach upwards of 6000 miles per hour. The mass of some stars, black holes, planets is so great that a penny would weigh TONS on those planets. Black holes are so dense that their gravity pulls light within them not allowing it to escape the black hole.

Some Galaxies are cannibals in their nature and when approaching another galaxy due to Gravity they simply engulf the weaker galaxy and ingest it into itself becoming now much larger.

Now astrophysicists speak of "parallel" Universes like a loaf of bread, with this COSMOS being incredulously HUMONGOUS. Astrophysisists speak in terms of 12 to 14 dimensions and 'string' dimensions. Not just the 4 we live in. ( I think I just lost us)

This entire existing universe in is perfect harmony, balance and design with the proper amounts of gravity and expansion forces to keep it expanding, not collapsing due to the gravitational pull of all of the masses in it. And all the while it remains in the same configuration which is a GIANT CLOCK which is perfect in its time keeping. How cool is that??? And only earth has been recognized to have a balanced ecological system to support life.

The dynamic effects of the universe are amazing in themselves. Heat, cold, radiation, nuclear reactions, fission, fusion, mass, light, elements, speeds of movement, and other things we can come up with are off the charts when we look at them from 'cosmic proportions'.

When David wrote in Psalm 19:1, " The heavens declare the Glory of God", he only had reference to the heavens in our own Milky Way Galaxy. How much more do they declare the Glory of God when considered on the scale of the COSMOS.

To all BIG BANGERS, I propose to all of you that all of this CREATION did not come from a small mass the size of an atom. Besides, where did the 'empty universe' or space come from for it to explode into. Remember, Space and time are created elements also. DEAL WITH IT.

"Only a fool has said in his heart, there is no God."

I will write more on this subject at a later time.

God Bless,


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