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Sep 27, 2008

John 8:31-32

SET FREE??? Are you really set free? Knowing the Truth in Jesus Christ WILL set you free. But what does that mean? Do you feel any anxiousness about your salvation? Do you question the absolute assurance of your eternal life with God? Do you think that you can do ANYTHING to undo what Christ has already done to and for you?
Is there ever that "question" in your mind about your eternal future? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then YOU ARE NOT SET FREE !!!

Knowing what Jesus Christ has done to all of humanity in Adopting man into the family of God and making it all happen in His life, death, resurrection and ascension will SET ANYONE FREE. Knowing this means knowing Jesus has done it all FOR US. Our part in it all is to believe. Even this belief is a gift of God and actually Jesus believes for us! He is our Faith for us. He shares it with us!

Can we accept it. Can we believe it. Can we believe and pass from condemnation to Life. Knowing that Jesus has done it all for us means we are free at last. We are "set free". Now we can rest.

When we sin, and we do, we KNOW Jesus has that taken care of. His blood covers all sin. When we realize how evil we are deep down, Jesus has that taken care of. We are set free. No Worries, mate, as the Aussies say. You are set free. Believe it.

E:Mail me for the short articles on the VICARIOUS HUMAN, JESUS; and, JESUS...THE ULTIMATE SURROGATE. Jesus has you covered in His love for you. YOU really are set free. You need to KNOW it.

Pastor Paul


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