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Jul 31, 2011

Post mortem judgment.  Is that possible?  Can one accept salvation in Jesus after death?  When properly understood the answer will astound you.

Understand that most all people who have ever lived and live now have not understood the real Gospel and Who they are IN Jesus.  Let's understand that God does not leave anyone out of  His plan.

Most would say that NOW is the only day of salvation.  That if one does not accept Jesus now that he or she is lost.  But what about the Billions who have never heard the name of Jesus, are they lost?  A little review of the Greek will hopefully answer this question.

Many would interpret Heb. 9:27 this way.  That after death, one would face a sentencing to hell if one did not accept Jesus.  They would view judgment here as a sentencing.  But WAIT a second.  Let's look at the wording here in the Greek.  Heb. 9:27 uses the word for judgment as "krisis."  We get crisis from this word.  It literally means an opportunity for a decision.  Or a choice.  Or, in this case theologically , an opportunity to choose to accept and believe Jesus or to not accept and believe Jesus. The Greek word for sentencing as in a judges decision to send one to jail, is " kreema", meaning a passing of a sentence. 

So what we see in Heb.9:27 is clear, in that when one dies he or she faces Jesus and has to make a decision called a crisis for them.  Either to accept and believe or not accept and not believe.  Most of the 100 billion people who have ever lived are in this category.   As Hebrews 9:27, it is appointed once for man to die, but AFTER that death comes the "krisis" for them.  God knew that for most all of humanity they would hear this GOOD NEWS after death at the "final judgment or final 'krisis'."

Peter  adds another fact in his book when he says that "judgment is now on the house of God, or the church, those who have believed Jesus"  simply those who have faced the decision, krisis, and have chosen to believe Jesus and Who they are in Jesus. ( I Peter 4:17 )

Heb.9:27 shows that  all people who have ever lived will have the opportunity to accept who they are in Jesus and believe AFTER their life ends on this earth.  Amazing. NOTE:  This is NOT a SECOND  chance at anything, but simply an opportunity to know the truth that is in Jesus and their eternal part in it.

So, when one comes to Revelation 21 and 22, we see those outside the gates of the Holy City who have NOT washed their robes and overcome their unbelief in Jesus BUT can drink of the water of life freely and come IN the Holy City when they repent, metanoia, Gk, 'Change their mind" and believe.

Remember, the gates are never shut. Rev.21:25.  Outside is simply HELL>

I know this is different, but look at the verses and give it a chance.  I think it is correct.

Love to all,



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