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Feb 13, 2013

II Corinthians 4:16 tells us that the New Man is renewed day by day. Some feel or think that this means we MUST on a daily basis pray so hard, or do whatever to make this a reality. It then boils down to what we do to make this so. But is this a real understanding? We put far too much of our spiritual blessings on ourselves and what we do or perform. But is this really what is going on here?

We have already been given every blessing in Jesus Christ in the heavenlies even since before the foundation of the world. Eph. 1.

We live in freedom. In forgiveness. In fellowship with Jesus. In relationship with Jesus. We are Holy, righteous, and forever saved and in the life of God made possible by Jesus. So what does it mean for the New Man in us to be renewed day by day. Is this something we make happen? Is it something we maintain or else we would loose it?

What I see this verse saying is that Jesus living in us on a daily basis continues to give and maintain His life in us on a daily basis. It is something HE does to us and for us in us. As we yield to this life in us we express that life out to others every day. In other words, Jesus continually lives His life in us and out of us daily. It is a continual renewing of His life in us daily by His working. We have nothing to do with it other than to allow Him to live His life out of us to others. We don't have to "do" anything to make this happen or to make it so. It is so. Believe it and live it. Jesus renews His life in us daily by His Grace. WOW.

God bless.


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